Backstage"Faust Ballet" Mon 5p"Here Comes the Sun" T 9:30"Rose Petal" Mon 3:45p"You are My Sunshine" Sat 9a"I Will" Wed 9:30aFinale Show 1"Paris Skies" Wed 1p"Baby Love" Tue 3:45p"Pizzicato" Thur 5:30p"Giselle" Sat 10a"Singing in the Rain" Fri 10:15aFinale Show 2"Black Bird" Thur 4:45p12 "Sweet Escape" Tue 6:45p13 "Jump" Tues 5:15p14 "Tomorrow" Miss Ara15 "Where Did Our Love Go" Mon 4:30p16 "Kingdom of the Shades" T 4:15p T 6p W 6pShow 3 Finale